Sherwood Teatro 6F

Floorstanding Speakers

2 x 6.5" Mid Bass Drivers

1 x 1" Soft Polydrome Tweeter

50-150watt Max @ 6 Ohms


Sherwood RX-4508 Receiver

Perfect for Turntables

Phono Input

Built in Tuner




Cord F-700

Fully Automatic Turntable

Nice turntable with built in pre-amp option.

CORD  F-700 + Powered Speakers Kit

Fully Automatic Turntable - Built in Phono Pre-amp

Powered speakers with built in amplifier.

Space saving

New For Sale

CORD  - Phono Pre-amp

Allows you to plug your turntable into amplifiers that do not have a phono input.

Supports both MC & MM Cartridges (Moving Coil & Moving Magnet)

Gold plated terminals

Power supply included.

Extra RCA cable included!

No additional components required !!


Ortofon 2M Silver