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Belts & Styli

Belts are about $25-$35 for your average belt drive turntable.

I can supply a new stylus for almost any turntable from the 1940's onward.

They range from $35 - $85.

Turntable Repairs & Setups

A standard repair is $115 plus parts.

Deposit / Quotes

Most turntable repairs require a $40 deposit which goes toward the

final repair cost.

Some turntables my require a $40 inpsection fee which

is seperate from the repair cost.


Radiogram Repair

Radiogram repair consists of repairing any issues with the turntable, amp and radio.

Any parts of the radio/amp that have failed or are on their last legs get replaced.

The turntable is repaired so the speed runs correctly and all automatic

functions are running as well as possible.

Your radiogram is tested thoroughly.



Deposit  = $365

Time taken =  approx 2 months

(Includes parts and labour - 12 month warranty on the repair)

Radiograms with 1940's turntables need to be quoted for the turntable.

Check with me first to see if your turntable is from the 1940's.

European Models (eg: Grundig)

Inspection / Quote Fee = $225 - This is also to see if it can be repaired.

Repair Cost = $2500 - $3000

Time Taken = Approx 6 months

(Includes parts and labour)

Cabinet Restoration

You can have the whole cabinet stripped, stained and varnished or have only a few sections done if they are very worn.

I am happy to chat about your options.